Precision Aimbot

Take precision headshots and make your KDR explode with our bone aimbot. Easily snipe moving targets and dominate the scoreboard.

Full ESP

See the entire battlefield in an instant with our suite of ESP features. Customize ESP options to fit your needs, from health, to boxes and all types of player info.

Player Radar

You’ll never be snuck up on again with our Player Radar feature. See that backstabbing recon before he has a chance to bury his knife in your neck.

Punkbuster Secure

Secured against Punkbuster with our Punkbuster shielding system, our exclusive protection keeps you safer.


Powerful Hacking Features

With our bone aimbot, fully customizable esp, player radar and other advanced hack features, you get the ultimate Battlefield 4 cheat. Rank up faster than ever before to unlock the best weapon unlocks, attachments, and vehicle upgrades.

Cheating, Simplified

Load up your cheat within seconds from our dedicated cheat launcher. Our software ensures you get the most up to date, Punkbuster protected hack on our server. From there, enter the game and customize hack features to your personal preferences with our software’s in-game menu.


Join the Community

Want a place to talk Battlefield 4 cheating, have discussions, and get help? Our forums are only a click away, with VIP sections where you can share hacking tips, tricks, and guides in private. With active staff and moderators, you’re always able to get the help you need.

Battlefield 4 Cheat Available!

Our BF4 Cheat has is released! Get the bone aimbot, ESP, Radar and even more features!

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