Not your regular cheat code, or trainer, a Battlefield 4 Cheat is an application that provides you with working features in Battlefield 4 Multiplayer or Singleplayer. These features usually include an aimbot, esp or wallhack, chams, or other various features to give you an advantage.

In Battlefield 4, cheats allow you to dominate in multiplayer and rank up much faster, earning many thousands of points per match and usually topping the scoreboards. While other players slowly level up with their 1:1 or 1.5:1 kill to death ratios, you can have ten or more kills on average per death. When unlocking every weapon, upgrade, and customization in battlefield 4 could take you months or years at an average speed, speeding this up by a factor of 2 or 3 with a Battlefield 4 cheat is essential!

Battlefield 4 Cheat Features

The features in BF4 cheats are unlike traditional game cheats, and can be customized for the way you like to play. You could use only an aimbot, or just get a small advantage from a wallhack. If you play well, these features can make you almost unstoppable, allowing you to always engage you opponents in the best possible scenario. Using ESP features you can see where every player is on the map, and plan your route of attack with care. You’ll never have be sniped unsuspectedly from the top of a building, or be surprised as someone comes around a corner to open fire on you.

battlefield-4-cheat-boxWhile bf4 cheats are generally not accepted by the community, they nonetheless remain a part of multiplayer that you will see in just about ever FPS. Why let yourself be dominated by hackers or pro gamers who have spent thousands of hours learning every map and weapon, when you can boot up your cheat and have some fun?

When it comes to battlefield 4 cheat features, there is a lot to learn. Features like aimbots have become very advanced, with calculations for movement prediction or bullet drop allowing a cheater to hit a player hundreds of meters away. With other cheats like no-spread, or no-recoil, these features remove bullet spread and weapon recoil, turning your regular weapon into a super gun. With visual cheats like box esp, weapon esp, or chams, you can get a tactical view of the battlefield, player positions, and the best avenues of attack.

Finally, battlefield 4 cheats have become much safer to use. While traditionally anti-cheat like punkbuster and VAC have been able to detect cheats, cheat security had advanced in leaps and bounds to keep you and your account safe from detection. These new security measures allow cheats to block anti-cheat, or avoid them entirely, meaning the chance of a ban is insignificant compared to what it used to be. While fairfight has been added, as long as you play carefully and do not “rage” every server you come across – it is unlikely you will run into issues.