BF4 Cheat

Bone Aimbot, Player ESP, Radar and more in our Battlefield 4 Cheat.

UPDATED June 2014:

Our BF4 hack is still going strong, without a single software detection since its release. Many of our users have been cheating for upwards of hundreds of hours, and some have hit rank 100. If you’re looking for an up to date cheat with all the features you need to dominate, check us out!

Looking for a BF4 Cheat to increase your score, ¬†accelerate your leveling and give you an advantage in online play? You’ve come to the right place. We offer a powerful Battlefield 4 cheat with a bone aimbot, fully customizable esp, and player RADAR.

But what is a cheat in an online game? In FPS, cheats are software that manipulate game code to give you abilities you didn’t normally have. Usually these features are aimbots, chams or esp, or radar features that let you see the locations of other players. These cheats give you a huge advantage and let you see the position of all other players on the map. Whether you’re a sniper hanging back, an assault on the front lines, or a gunner in a chopper you will benefit hugely from these features.

Cheats are however not allowed by the Battlefield 4 development team, who have enlisted Punkbuster to protect their FPS titles. Punkbuster runs a series of scans that check for cheats running on your computer. Luckily we have developed a multilayered security system that not only hides our softawer, but shields against punkbuster bans by kicking you out of the game before you are detected and banned. This is very important, as a Punkbuster ban can mean you need to buy a new copy of the game. If you are interested in purchasing a BF4 cheat, security against Battlefield’s anti-cheat is absolutely key!

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